The Asia-Pacific Development, Diplomacy & Defence Dialogue (AP4D) creates a new dimension in Australia’s international policy-making by bringing together the development, diplomacy and defence communities.

It combines the skills and experience of each to achieve new insights, develop new ideas and promote strategic collaboration around shared interests.
AP4D stems from the insight that a substantial increase in the scale and sophistication of Australian international activity is needed to respond to a deterioration in Australia’s strategic circumstances and lift Australia’s declining ability to influence regional and global developments.

To shape and sustain a new platform for Australian international policy development, AP4D will:

Bring together credible voices to speak with knowledge and
authority across development, diplomacy and defence

Explore innovative policies and solutions relating to the long-term security and prosperity of Australia and the region

Build understanding and complementarity amongst different international policy actors; thereby creating dynamic new networks

Inaugural Dialogue:
Chair's Statement

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