November 16, 2021

Program Lead Melissa Conley Tyler writes about the importance of diplomacy in The Conversation

AP4D Program Lead Melissa Conley Tyler wrote recently for The Conversation on the vital role that well-resourced diplomacy plays in advancing Australia's national interests.

Australia has not just had a ‘diplomacy fail’ – it has been devaluing the profession for decades

Former ambassador Sue Boyd recalls Gough Whitlam articulating the key questions a diplomat’s job should centre on: "What’s going on? What does it mean for Australia? And what should we do about it?".
If there’s one key diplomatic skill, it is perspective-taking: being able to see the world as others see it. Most other countries don’t share our viewpoint and don’t care about our interests. If we want to understand and communicate with them, we need to enter imaginatively into their worldview.
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